Eyes & Ears Conference 2015


Trainstorming – A film about train travel

Paul Kusmaul, Student at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

Trainstorming is an animated film about brainstorming on the train. "A man is on the train, thinking over new ideas and lets his midn wander. His thoughts travel through different issues and form new associations and patterns of thought with the aim to capture the essence of an idea in a picture." Trainstorming was created in the summer semester 2014 in the course Motion Design at the Film Academy Baden Württemberg.


wHole – A Puppet Animation

Robert Banning & Laura Staab, Students at the TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

From the drawing to the finished film a seven-member team from the Technical University Nuremberg georg Simon Ohm worked over a year on the creation of the puppet animation film 'wHole': They drew storyboards, made miniature furniture and clothes to bring the lovingly vreated dolols to life on the screen. They even composed the soundtrack. "Basically, wHole can be divided into two main motives: First, we consider the altruistic nature of man that is revealed especially in a romantic relationship. In the second part we ask ourselves what needs to happen to change this behaviour or to even corrupt it."


Dustin – The Anatomy of a Comedy

Kristina Jäger & Michael Fritzsche, Graduates of TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

On behalf of the four-member alumni team Kristina Jäger and Michael Fritzsche explain the creation of the short film 'Dustin' – from the initial idea and the required tools to the development of an own style to the technical details and the finished film in just 17 weeks.

"In the story of 'Dustin' many messages are hidden between the lines: That one has to fight for something, that your weaknesses often get pointed out by your adversaries and that at first glance unpleasant changes often have more value than convenience. Most of all however the animated film is one thing: Fun. 'Dustin' is a classic comedy that should make the viewer laugh with funny situations and a hero pursuing an apparantly insignificant goal with the utmost seriousness."